Let customers make a reservation

Verona Reservation

Mobile Friendly

Intuitive Mobile UI/UX just like other major reservation system.

Availability Setting

Easy Availability Setting for quick operation.

Table Management

Complete Integration into POS System and table management.

Mobile Friendly

Verona Reservation is mobile friendly and developed mobile optimized for reservation portal.

  • Easy and Intuitive process to make a reservation and check from customer side.
  • Tool for many business types : Full Dine, Quick Service, Cafe, …
  • No need for any programing or fancy works from store end.

Availability Setting

Reservation Availability setting works very simple and no hard coding needed.

  • Simple, yet fully customizable settings on each day of week
  • No need for any fancy programming.
Any questions?

Reservation Management

Reservation Management can be done on any devices connected to VeronaPOS cloud system. It can be used on POS station or our table management tablet solution.

  • Table Ready Notification message to customer through Email or SMS Text Message.
  • You can Sit, Cancel, Add, or Modify existing Reservation.

Complete Integration

Every single Reservation in VeronaPOS Reservation system is updated and managed within our traditional pos system. You do not need any other extra devices to access and modify Reservation system.

  • Every Reservation happens within our cloud system.
  • Reservations are visible in POS by Servers and managers.