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Valentine's Day: Be prepared,
Be Creative, and Be Unique

This special “Couple & Friends” Holliday, is the busiest day for restaurants around the Country. estimates 2022 that about 104 million Americans will visit a restaurant this Valentine’s Day. That’s 34% of couples, most of which are in their mid-20s to early 40s in other words around 3.5 billion annually can be spent on your business.

That means those couples are ready to live the best experience in their lives, so you need to do your best to avoid mistakes and become the perfect accomplice of that unique and romantic night.

We would give you some ideas to improve your Restaurant Service and give your customers a unique experience that they will never forget and will always want to return to.

1. Reorganize your floor and take advantage of your tables

Try to organize your tables so that you can create a Couple of areas or just in case a Friends area, where each customer feels comfortable and enjoy the night to the fullest. VeronaPOS helps you to create a new map table to do easier your job more and employees.

2. Create a creative atmosphere

This could be the most important point, because they contain many details, such as decoration, special menu, uniforms or elements for the outfits of your employees, live music, special promotions and why not one or another special gift, reservations, and seat assignations are crucial.

For all this, planning plays a very important role since you had to create a special budget and an ROI analysis. Most restaurants create very romantic environments and are aimed only at couples; by recommending a new map of tables you can create a romantic and intimate atmosphere and other more casual and entertaining ones for friends who are going to enjoy that day too.

3. Special deliveries  

There are also those customers who prefer to order food to create their magical night at home, so you must be their accomplice and give them special menu options such as special deliveries.

You can create special promotions such as buy one get 50% off in your second meal, free delivery, or if you want to be more strategic you can include elements such as flowers, chocolate, wine, or special delivery with mimos or music. Remember arriving ON TIME would be your goal, organize and follow up on your deliveries.

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4. Early access and special gift for your loyalty customers  

The reasons why customers become loyal to us is by how they perceive our service. Not only food plays an important role. The integral service you provide is the clue that allows you to make it feel that it is “special and unique”. This is what will give your restaurant more opportunities to have loyal customers.

On this day create a marketing campaign for your loyalty customers by sending emails with special offers, quick access, and privileged seating assignation can be done from the QR code that VeronaPOS allow. Do not forget to send them a Thanks message and special gift remembering they are your loyalty customers as well as include rewards and benefits for being part of the loyalty program.

5. Promote your service to increase tips  

By creating and maintaining a differentiated service you can at the same time encourage your employees to work that busiest day with their best attitude and professionalism so that the reward of a job well done is reflected in their tips.
Motivate your staff, remind them that they are your first resource, commit them to you and your business, set the example of teamwork, let them be part of that special menu (lunch) and show them how they received the increase of their tips.

Accompany your strategy with your marketing activities, post photos and unforgettable moments of that night on your social media, create a # hashtag for your customers to post on your social media, and promote your business to more people.

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