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Spring Season is a huge opportunity to increase sales in your restaurant

Spring, for many people will be a favorite season where bright colors return, the smell of fresh earth, and the desire to breathe fresh air increases.

Take advantage of this opportunity and create promotions and activities that help you attract more customers and significantly increase your sales.

1. Make a spring menu   

Work with your chef to build the best menu that includes seasonal fruits and vegetables, a variety of meats, sauces, and fresh flavors. This is undoubtedly the best opportunity for your chef and team to explore their creativity. Promote that menu through social media, email marketing, and a website inviting people to share their thoughts and ranking.

Using technology, you can create a new digital menu that people can access through a QR code and include a discount or special promo for those who make a reservation.

2. Activate and brand your patio

If your business has a patio, is your opportunity to create a special zone where customers could spend their breakfast, brunch, or lunch with family or friends, including advertising promoting your specials and training your personnel to offer deserts and appetizers more often than common time. That is the right time to create Happy Hours or Buy one- get one free in drinks and appetizers.

Promote your kid’s meal or special lunch for kids, and any activity for them while waiting for their service.

3. Promotions after work hours

Spring is the perfect time when you want to meet with your friends, spend time after work, or simply celebrate the season. Create promos with beers, cocktails, seasonal drinks, and wines, creating an entertainment atmosphere where they buy more than you expect.

If your establishment counts with a Loyalty program, create special discounts and promos, and you can offer them free food if they bring more friends or spend x amount on their visit.

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4. Interaction with customers and non–customers  

Social media is an excellent tool to increase build traffic and sales, but the most important aspect is building your brand. You can activate your brand by interacting with people # hashtags, mentions, photos, events, reviews, everything helps you to show potential customers why people prefer you and why they should go, always manage your business as exclusive and different, create expectations they bring more interest to be part.

5. Email marketing  

Verona POS helps you build your customer database correctly. You can use that data for marketing purposes creating email marketing Loyalty programs, rewards, and promos, being constant, and sending emails frequently with the news.

6. Reservations and safety places for special events

When restaurants are popular, more and more people want to visit, sometimes owners struggle with space to assign tables, extra tables, or special reservations for small parties or celebrations. To avoid this, you can use technology. Verona POS help you to create your table map, and manage efficiently your reservations through phone, website, or QR, with the facility of your customer could receive a text message when their order will be ready or their table will be ready, with this service customers verify that your service is quality from start to finish.

7. Email marketing and post service

Verona POS helps you to build your data customer correctly. You can use that data for marketing purposes creating email marketing, loyalty programs, rewards and promos, post service, etc.

We know it may seem strange to talk about post-service in a restaurant, but that is possible if you manage your loyalty program correctly. Make sure each customer has shared their contact details and date of birth with you or your team, with this information on your POS system you can create marketing strategies that allow you to retain customers and they will recommend you more and more. To do it you just need a design person who reviews the historical visits and send them emails of thanks for their visit including future promos and special discounts.

Remember that people need to feel like they received good value for their money.

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