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The new way to take orders in your restaurant: self-ordering at Table-Kiosk

In today’s fast-paced world, restaurants constantly are pursuing new solutions to enhance customer experience while simplifying operations. We are glad to introduce our latest feature, Table-Kiosk, a customer-focused restaurant solution that revolutionizes how guests order and interact with your establishment.  

Let’s dive into the details and explore the multiple benefits it brings to your restaurant.

Table-Kiosk: Taking control of your dining experience 

Imagine a dining experience where customers have the power to order what they desire, right at their table. With Table-Kiosk, this concept becomes a reality. Our intuitive interface allows guests to explore your menu, customize their orders, and send them directly to the kitchen for preparation.  

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Customers can take control and create their perfect dining experience with a simple tap. 

The benefits of Table-Kiosk 

Reduce labor costs 

By implementing Table-Kiosk, your restaurant can reduce labor costs. With guests placing their orders, you can optimize your staff’s roles, reallocating resources where they are required most. 

Increase average order value 

Table-Kiosk’s intuitive interface encourages customers to explore additional menu items. By displaying attractive images and detailed descriptions of meals, you can encourage customers to try new dishes or add more items to their orders. 

Enhance dining experience 

Enable fast and seamless order placement, ensuring efficient ordering routing and error-free service. Plus, guests can order when they’re ready.

How Table-Kiosk works? 

  1. Guests interact with the Table-Kiosk system placed at their table. The user-friendly interface allows them to navigate the menu, browse options, and select their preferred meals.
  2. Customers can customize their orders, specifying preferences, dietary requirements, or special requests, all with a few simple taps on the screen. 
  3. Table-Kiosks integrate with your restaurant’s POS software. Once customers submit their orders, the information goes directly to the kitchen. 
  4. Kitchen staff can view orders in real-time, ensuring timely preparation and accurate execution.

Choose the future of self-ordering and enhance the gastronomic experience of your restaurant with VERONA POS and Table-Kiosk. Explore our online POS restaurant system and our all-in-one POS system for seamless integration and efficient operations. 

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