Serve your distant customer

Online Order

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly interface enhances easy and quick online order experience.

Menu Modification

Quick and Easy Menu modification tool shared by every solutions. in point-of-sales system.

Online Card Processing

Online Order Card Processing service is ready. No more complicated steps.

Mobile Friendly

Verona Online Ordering features mobile friendly web portal accessible through link or QR code.

  • Easy and Intuitive process to order from customer side.
  • Tool for many business types : Full Dine, Quick Service, Cafe, …
  • No need for any programing or fancy works from store end.

Menu Modification

Online Order Menu setting works just as our point-of-sales software menu set-up

  • Online Order Menu set can be assigned separately with independent pricing.
  • No need for any fancy programming.
Any questions?

Online Card Processing

Don’t worry about Online Order Card Processing.

  • We provide separate online order card processing service.
  • You can enable “Pay at Store” option to bypass online payment process to complete order.

Complete Integration

Every single orders on happening in Verona POS Online Order System is updated and managed within our traditional pos system. You do not need any other extra devices to access and modify online order portal.

  • Every order happens within our cloud system.
  • Online Orders are visible in pos by server and KDS by kitchen.
  • Our Real Time Online Report system shows any online transactions happened online.