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How Table-Kiosk helps save money and increase sales?

POS Table-Kiosk can revolutionize your restaurant’s operations. This new self-service method can help you save money and increase sales simultaneously. In this blog post, we will explore the multiple benefits of implementing mobile POS in your restaurant. 

Enhancing the dining experience 

Table-Kiosk technology allows guests to self-order right at their table, giving them a different and autonomous dining experience. Research from Deloitte shows that 70% of customers prefer self-service options when dining out, mostly because they can take their time deciding what they want. [1] By offering Table-Kiosks, you meet the growing demand for autonomy and control over the ordering procedure, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Simplifying operations and reducing labor costs 

Implementing the Cloud-based POS in your restaurant brings significant cost savings in the long run. With streamlined order processing, your kitchen staff can work more efficiently, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. 

Additionally, by eliminating paper menus, you reduce printing costs and the environmental footprint of your restaurant. Moreover, as your guests can place their orders directly from their tables, it reduces the chances of errors, ensuring correct fulfillment and reducing food waste. 

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Increasing average order value 

Table-Kiosk technology can have a positive impact on your restaurant’s revenue by increasing the average order value. Research shown by QSR Magazine shows that self-ordering systems typically purchase 10% to 30% more than those who engage with restaurant employees. [2] This can be due to various factors, including suggestive selling prompts, detailed item descriptions, and easy access to add-ons. 

Table-Kiosk allows your guests to explore the menu at their own pace, making knowledgeable decisions and potentially choosing additional menu items. By implementing this technology in your restaurant, you can effectively boost your restaurant’s sales and profitability. 

Data-driven insights 

The Table-Kiosk system from VERONA POS provides you with valuable data-driven insights into your customers’ preferences, order patterns, and general dining habits. With this valuable data, you can make informed decisions to optimize your menu, pricing, and marketing strategies.  

Understanding your guests’ preferences allows you to personalize offers and promotions, personalize your menu offerings, and design targeted marketing campaigns that engage with your audience, eventually driving sales and improving customer satisfaction. 

In conclusion, implementing this technology in your restaurant not only enhances the dining experience for your guests but also offers real benefits to your business. By allowing self-ordering at the table, you can simplify operations, reduce labor costs, and increase average order value. 

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