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Credit Card Integration

VeronaPOS software integrates many different credit card processors including First Data, Cardconnect, Global Payments, Tsys, Heartland, Elavon, WorldPay, North American Bancard. Also, our software do integrate different gateway hardware 

Customer Service

As many other commercial suppliers lack customer service, our software and hardware were developed prioritizing responsive customer service with easier steps that the customer can follow. We also provide direct customer service solution that enables one-to-one problem solving remotely done.


VeronaPOS provides various point-of-sales hardware tailored best to our software. Every hardware is set up in the house before sending out to the end customer to reduce any possible technical problem by simplifying the installation process. In the end, it will be just a plug and play sort of hardware just as a tablet that everyone can use without any manual.


Verona Point-of-Sales system blends in the latest technologies to the foundational program developed and maintained by VeronaPOS engineer team. Not only features new technologies but also offers perfect communication between the hardware we provide and the software we developed.

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